When writing your summary, follow this format:
Sentence 1: General summary. "In this lecture we learned..."
Sentence 2: More details. "Specifically..."
Sentence 3: Something you understood well. "I really understood..."
Sentence 4: Real life examples (not mentioned in the vodcast.) "A real life example related to this lecture is..."
(Thanks to Ramsey Musallam for this format idea.)

Something you did not understand well. "I am still confused about..."

Here's an example based on a committee chairs lecture.
In this lecture we learned how powerful committee chairs can be. Specifically, if a committee chair wanted, she could kill a bill she didn't like.I really understood the way committee chairs are assigned. This lecture can be related to the way Dan Rostenkowski ran the Ways & Means Committee in the 1980s, with an iron hand, but he was able to get legislation passed.

I am still confused as to how the minority party plays a role in the committee process.